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Course of Treatment

Infection Control

The prognosis for the vast

majority of teeth treated

endodontically is favorable.

While there is no certainty

concerning healing, successful

results occur in approximately

90% of cases treated.

On occasion, the chances of

success may fall below this

expectancy or your tooth may

not be amendable to endodontic

treatment at all. If your tooth falls

within one of these latter

categories, you will be informed

of this fact at the time of

consultation, or when a complication becomes evident during or after treatment.
There are times when a surgical procedure may be required to preserve your tooth. This will depend on the nature of the problem existing prior to treatment, as well as the response of the involved tissue after
root canal therapy. Should the need for surgery become evident before, during, or after root canal treatment, you will be so informed.

Treatment of teeth with injured pulp usually consists of an examination to determine the type of therapy needed, removal of injured pulp, thorough cleaning and shaping of the root canal system.

Endodontic treatment may require multiple visits; however each
tooth presents individual problems and must be treated accordingly.
Your comfort through all phases of treatment is a major consideration

 of our office. All procedures are performed utilizing local anesthesia with nitrous oxide sedation available.

Surgical patients are able to drive home and retum to work the following day.
Post-operative complications are rare; however, Dr. Min is on call at all times should a problem arise. At your consultation visit, Dr. Min and staff will thoroughly explain all recommended procedures.

We welcome any questions that you may have.

Our practice adheres to the highest standards of infection control in accordance with CDC and OSHA guidelines.You will notice in the treatment rooms the latest in barrier techniques to eliminate
any risk of cross-contamination. All of our equipment is disinfected and sterilized prior to treating each patient. Our sterilization equipment is carefully monitored for 100% effectiveness.

We use only safe and effective materials in connection with your root
canal therapy. Our priority is to provide a state-of-the-art endodontic

care while maintaining strict operating protocol.

Endodontic microsurgery is a surgical procedure utilizing

a sophisticated operating microscope and special
microsurgical instruments. The increased magnification

and illumination greatly improves diagnostic
capabilities and the preciseness of surgical procedures.

Long term prognosis is enhanced and post-surgical

trauma is reduced. Equipped with the surgical
operating microscope, we can also successfully
treat unusual and complicated root canals.

Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic Microsurgery

Post-Operative Care

When your root canal therapy has been completed,

it is important for you to contact your general dentist in order

that he or she may provide a permanent restoration for your tooth.
This should be done within one or two weeks after your final visit with our office. Your dentist can best decide what type of restoration is necessary to protect your tooth.

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