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still remember my first dental experience from when I was about six years old. The dentist was working on my cavities without giving me a single shot to numb my mouth so I would not feel pain. Sometimes this can be done without any complications if a cavity is small enough. However, using this technique on a small child is rather appalling, especially if it is the child's first dental appointment.  This experience in which my mouth was not numbed occurred more than once over the next few years. Because of this particular trauma, my refusal to go to the dentist made these particular appointments an all-day affair. When I got to the dental office, I began to cry and hung onto the door knob so I would not be dragged into the room. Once I was finally seated in the dental chair, I would not open my mouth and refused to let my dentist work on my teeth. When my dentist had enough of me, I would be referred to a kid specialist in a university dental clinic for my treatment.

To this very day, every time I go to receive dental treatment, I still feel  nervous and wonder if the traumatic experiences of my childhood will occur once again. My first root canal experience did not go very well. I started having a severe toothache the night before my first root canal and I could not sleep all night long. The next day I went to see my root canal teacher at my dental school, but my mouth was not  numb enough to get treated because my tooth was extremely inflamed. I had to bite the bullet through the pain as I experienced this horrible event. In the last twenty years root canal treatment has improved immensely and can be done with very minimal discomfort. Even injections cause very little pain. A person's whole dental experience can be a very positive one. Patients do not have to experience what I had to go through over the years. Despite my bad experiences with root canals in the past, the last root canal  that I experienced went very smoothly.

Dr. Min

If I could give this guy a thousand stars I would. He is highly skilled and extremely talented. He was very thorough and took his time explaining all the details of the process. I have to admit I've had teeth cleanings that hurt more then the root canal he performed on me. His office is well-maintained and has state-of-the-art equipment. His office staff were very friendly and accommodating not to mention fast. My wait times were minimal and I was out of there within 45 minutes of my arrival. I commend doctor Min on his excellence and dedication to his craft.

Betty R. from Yelp

My dentist referred me to Dr. Phillip Min this was my first root canal and I was terrified he made me feel so relaxed and comfortable as he was so confident I had to close my eyes because I thought I was going to be in so much pain when he gave me the needle I never felt anything when he was shooting me up this was the first time I've had a shot and never felt anything I don't know how he did it he was amazing the root canal went so smooth everything was such a pleasurable experience I was not an easy client I believe I gave them a little bit of a hard time and they were still so patient with me I was impressed the staff was amazing and he speaks perfect English and we spoke about other things which kept my mind off of the idea of having the root canal all I could say was if I need another root canal I wouldn't go anywhere else and if I needed to refer somebody to him I would do it with my eyes closed he's amazing.

Serge S. from Yelp

Dr. Min was referred by my family dentist because I had an infected root canal from over 25 years ago.  This problem was to complex for my dentist to fix, therefore I was referred to Dr. Min.  

Needless to say I was very nervous and anxious, because I do not have a high tolerance for pain.  

Dr. Min and his staff are a truly professional group of great people.  It was easy to make an appointment, Dr. Min is a caring gentle man.  I saw him 4 times to get my issue resolved and it was just as easy as getting my haircut.  I can honestly say it was a pain free experience.  Dr. Min explained the entire procedure, the first visit, he extracted the older root canal, and injected antibiotics to abolish the infection.  I went back 2 more times just to make sure the infection was gone, he gave me stronger medicine to insure the infection was gone.  Once he was comfortable with the results he finished the remainder of the work.

I cannot thank him enough for a fantastic job and a great experience.  Not once did I ever feel pain, nor did I ever have to wait more than 3 minutes.  I made my appointments either 9, 10, and 11 and I was taken right on time.

I would recommend him to anyone that needs root canal work, he is an expert at what he does and I was sincerely pleased with his services.

Lou B. from Yelp

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